What do we do

Build processing

Our business not only handles the building side of projects, but offers complete service and advice from start to finish for technical offices, private clients and even public authorities, collaborating with professionals step by step up to the delivery of the project.


SICEA constructs any type of residential building offering an elevated quality standard, a precise time frame for the completion of the project and an accurate service for clients to personalize the finishing touches.

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We build solid structures with the best materials: factories, stores, workshops, manufacturing plants, congress centers and offices in brief time, with maximum attention to safety in order to satisfy the logistic and functional needs of any company.

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SICEA builds big structures with commercial/executive destination such as supermarkets and office buildings. The cooperation with architects and designers allows to combine complexity with friendly environment and attention to details

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SICEA is highly specialized in this sector which includes industrial, hospital, school, buildings and hotels. Our technical structure has always guaranteed to deal with any technical problems, with professionalism and punctuality. In this sector SICEA has proven itself to be able to manage every aspect of the construction, from structural, architectural to plant design, using avant-garde construction methods, abiding to the latest rules and regulations concerning static and seismic safety and the rules protecting the environment and landscape.

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Right from the initial estimate of the project SICEA intervenes on antique work with extreme professionalism and respect for the historic projects using only the most advanced and technological techniques and avant-garde materials, resulting in a high quality job without forgetting the origin and originality of the structure.

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SICEA are leaders in the realization of power plants: in the hydroelectric station the project begins from the initial planning and goes right through to the completion of the civil work, from the dam to the protection of the water bed, pressure pipes, intake and outflow pipelines, mechanical and electrical work.

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