Padova Metrobus

We realized the North-South line (Pontevigodarzere- city centre- Guizza) called ''SIR 1'' of the urban overground public transport system for the company APS Holding Ltd. This project was carried out together with Rizzani De Eccher Ltd. in partnership with Lohr Industries from Strasbourg and De Simon Ltd. from Osoppo (UD), followed by the successive establishment of the ''Mantenga Consortium''. As well as the complete construction of the guided busway network for two bus routes, other important work related to the metro bus was carried out: the renovation and widening of the Belludi st. bridge over S. Massimo canal, the building of a new pedestrian and cycle bridge across the Scaricatore canal, the realization of the new square Piazza SS. Angeli Custodi, the redevelopment of busways and footpaths in Guizza st. and the construction of the permanent metro bus Depot at the South terminal in the Guizza area.

Client: APS Holding Ltd
Sector: Infrastructure