Construction of the new Hotel complex called ''Hotel Mantegna'' next to Padova's Trade Fair. This modern and elegant four star Hotel is situated in the city centre. It has 200 bedrooms, an elegant restaurant on the 12th floor with panoramic views over the city, a fitness centre on the 13th floor, two underground car parks and an outside car park. The main building has 14 floors above ground (approximately 10.600 sq.m. and 33.000 cubic m.), as well as a 6 floor building behind the Hotel used for commercial and administration purposes (approximately 3.800 sq.m. and 11.500 cubic m.). The Hotel was designed with a special view to light, the objective being a bright atmosphere and not just brightly lit. The sides and the top of the Hotel regulate and filter the light accentuating reflections and creating a wide array of effects, varying on the season, the climate conditions, day and night. The structure is in reinforced cement built on site, while the foundation and the floors are in composite floor slabs. The inside of the perimeter walls are in metal, glass and plastered bricks covered with a uniform finish, while the outside is ventilated and covered in fired bricks. The most recent rules and regulations relating to safety, energy saving and architectural boundaries have been abided to.

Client: L.I.S.I. Ltd
Sector: Industrial construction