SICEA, founded in the late 90's by the Italian group Rizzani de Eccher Ltd., leaders in the engineering and construction sector both nationally and internationally, with the strategic merger of two of the industries top companies C.E.A. and SILAC. C.E.A. European Tender Company Ltd. founded in 1977 and renowned for it's projects mainly on the foreign market; having worked for demanding and precise countries such as those of western Europe, technologically competent countries such as the U.S.A., and particular countries such as Nigeria. The foreign branch of C.E.A. was transferred to another company in 1999. SILAC construction Ltd. , was founded in 1999 and operated mainly in the Triveneto area, where it constructed numerous building complexes for both public and private clients.

From the very beginning SICEA has left it's mark on Padova and the surrounding area acquiring prestigious and important projects, such as the Metrobus di Padova, which was waited upon by the people of the city and completed in record time. Contemporaneously "La Cittadella", a monumental complex, was built in various stages in the Stanga area near the East exit to the motorway. It is an innovative executive service district which now houses the administration headquarters of the Provence of Padova, the Chamber of Commerce and many top Italian companies and banks. Some years later, next to the Trade Fair, SICEA built the Grand Hotel Mantegna, a four star Hotel with 200 bedrooms and an elegant restaurant with breathtaking views over the city, situated on the 13th floor. Another very important project is "Borgo Sole", in Cittadella, a new residential, commercial and administration district designed by the architect Paolo Portoghesi were ''a part of the city'' was reconstructed in the style of an old Italian village. As well as these projects, over the years, we have been responsible for the restoration and the preservation of many prestigious buildings in the historic centre of Venice, such as the 15th century Gothic Palazzo Ca' Giustinian overlooking the Grand Canal, one of the richest and most admired in the city.

The awareness of our prime results and great ability in the work field has pushed SICEA to higher goals, giving greater stability and optimising the image of the company. Recently the company has opened it's doors to new clients and sectors promising excellent prospects for the future. Today Padova and the surrounding area is changing and developing rapidly and SICEA with it's competitiveness, professionalism and efficiency is an integral part of this transformation.

The evolution of SICEA's management and employee collaboration
Since 2014 SICEA has been run by a new management team with vast experience in general construction; providing a new human resource of young,dynamic,professional and competent personnel which has given new life to the company.

Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion (G. W. F. Hegel)


"It's not so much what we do but the way we do it"

The world of construction is in constant development: new building techniques, new materials, new housing demands and trends are becoming more and more a part of modern construction ideals. Hand in hand with these new trends there is a standardization and "industrialization" in the building industry, which has resulted in less attention to quality and more emphasis on quantity.

We strive daily to combine modern demands and constructions methods with the care, professionalism and quality of our work.


The new human resources with their know-how and their vast experience have brought vital life to SICEA and will play an important role in launching new projects and developing business in new and diverse sectors.

The key to success for SICEA is the professionalism, skills and experience of every single worker.

Our success is a result of harmonious, cooperative work and a strong organization which is made up of people who work together every day to pursue the company's objectives.